Colloquium on Economics - Winter Semester 2017/2018


In October, the winter semester colloquium season at the IAAEU will be beginning. 
The lectures will take place on Tuesdays from 6 PM to 7:30 PM in the Max Weber room (Campus II, Building H, 7th Floor).  
All lectures are open to the public.




17.10.2017 Eva Erhardt (University of Mainz)
  "Who persistently creates jobs? Absolute versus relative high-growth firms"
07.11.2017 Mario Bossler (IAB Nuremberg):
  "Employment effects of the new German minimum wage: Evidence from establishment-level micro data"
14.11.2017 Andreas Hauptmann (IAB Nuremberg):
  "Diasporas, return migration and comparative advantage: a natural experiment of Yugoslavian refugees in Germany"

Rainer Rilke (WHU Otto Beisheim School of Management):*

  "Hierarchies and honesty"
05.12.2017 Nico Pestel (IZA Bonn):

"Immigration and redistribution: Evidence from 8 million forced migrants"

12.12.2017 Dario Cords (University of Hohenheim):
  "Endogenous technology, matching, and labor unions: Does low-skilled immigration affect the technological alignment of the host country?"

Tugba Zeydanli (University of Halle-Wittenberg):

  "The shadow of death and subjective expectations: Evidence from Germany"
09.01.2018 Mark Trede (University of Muenster):**

"Local labour markets: A directed search model, and stylized facts for Germany"

Florian Zimmermann (University of Zurich):

Susanne Steffes (ZEW Mannheim):

  "The Impact of Affirmative Action on Fairness Perception: An Empirical Analysis with Survey Data”

Winfried Koeniger (University of St. Gallen):**

  "Opportunity and inequality across generations"


* along with the Colloquium on Business Administration at Trier University

** along with the Colloquium on Economics at Trier University




Laszlo Goerke

0651 – 201 4740                                                                                                              

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Marco de Pinto

0651 – 201 4762

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Summer Semester 2017


02.05.2017   Marie-Claire Villeval (GATE & CNRS - University of Lyon):*
    "Loss Aversion and Lying Behavior: Theory, Estimation and Empirical Evidence"
09.05.2017       Philipp Weinschenk (Technical University of Kaiserslautern):
    "Team Production and Time Preferences"
16.05.2017      Christian Merkl (University Erlangen-Nürnberg):**
    "How much did Hartz IV really contribute to the decline in German unemployment?"
23.05.2017   Astrid Kunze (NHH Norwegian School of Economics):*
    "Co-determination and gender diversity on boards – A comparative analysis for Germany and Norway"
30.05.2017   Jens Ruhose (University of Hannover):
    ”The Occupational Selection of Emigrants: Evidence from Mexico–U.S. Migration”
20.06.2017   Max Steinhardt (HSU Hamburg):
    "The Impact of Xenophobic Violence on the Integration of Immigrants"
04.07.2017   Marco Caliendo (University of Potsdam):*
    "Locus of Control and Investment in Training"
11.07.2017   Florian Zimmermann (University of Zurich): CANCELLED!!!



* along with the Colloquium on Business Administration at Trier University

** along with the Colloquium on Economics at Trier University




Colloquium on Economics -  Winter Semester 2016/2017


08.11.2016 Wolfgang Dauth (Universität Würzburg):           
  "Spatial Wage Disparities - Workers, Firms, and Assortative Matching"


Hans-Jörg Schmerer (Fern-Universität Hagen):
  "Redistribution, Trade and Corruption: An Empirical Assessment"
17.01.2017 Elisabeth Müller (Hochschule Heilbronn):*
  "Absorbing Partner Knowledge in R&D Collaborations - 
The Influence of Founders on Knowledge Recognition, Assimilation and Exploitation"
24.01.2017 Stefan Bauernschuster (Universität Passau):**
  "Bismarck's Health Insurance and the Mortality Decline"

Jan Marcus (Universität Hamburg):

  "The Effect of Increasing Education Efficiency on University Enrollment: 
Evidence from Administrative Data and an Unusual Schooling Reform in Germany"
07.02.2017 Heiko Rüger (Bundesinstitut für Bevölkerungsforschung):
  "Pendelmobilität, Erwerbsleben und Gesundheit"

Daniel Baumgarten (LMU München):

  "Trade Exposure and the Decline in Collective Bargaining: Evidence from Germany"




Colloquium on Economics - Summer Semester 2016



Michael Engel (TU Hamburg):


"Occupational choice between work-for-hire and entrepreneurship in creative industries"



Silvio Vismara (Università Bergamo):


"Corporate Governance in Equity Crowdfunding"



Matias Cortes (University of Manchester):


"Task Specialization within Establishments and the Decline of Routine Employment"



Carsten Gerner-Beuerle (LSE):


"Say on Pay: Do Shareholders Care?"



Henning Müller (Universität Mainz):


"Improving Reactivation of Long-Term Unemployed by a Self-Regulation Training - a Randomized Field Experiment"



Annalisa Cristini* (Università Bergamo):


 "Product market competition and job polarization: Evidence from Europe"



Simone Schüller (ifo-Insitut):


"Internet and Voting in the Web 2.0 Era: Evidence from a Local Broadband Policy"



Jürgen Meckl (Universität Gießen):

Fällt aus!



Harald Tauchmann (Universität Nürnberg-Erlangen):

"Small Cash Rewards for Big Losers: Experimental Insights into the Fight against the Obesity Epidemic"



Daniel Schnitzlein (Universität Hannover):
  "Do rewards reduce effort? Evidence from university exams"


*  along with the Colloquium on Economics at Trier University




Colloquium on Economics - Winter Semester 2015/2016


Matthias Sutter (Universität Köln):*
  "CSI economics: How customers’ insurance coverage induces sellers’ dishonesty in markets for credence goods"
17.11.2015 Alejandro Donado (Universität Heidelberg):
  "Why do they JUST DO IT? A theory of outsourcing and working conditions"
01.12.2015 Matthias Schön (Universität Köln):
  "Unemployment, Sick Leave and Health"
08.12.2015 Anne Gielen (Erasmus University Rotterdam):*
  "Parental Labor Market Attachment and the Career Investments of Children: Evidence from Disability Insurance Reform"
15.12.2015 Frank Fossen (Freie Universität Berlin):
  "Public Health Insurance, Individual Health and entry into self-employment"
05.01.2016 Nick Zubanov (Universität Frankfurt):**
  "The effect of downsizing on worker teams performance: Evidence from a retail chain"
19.01.2016 Patrick Arni (IZA):

"On or Off – Are Effects of Policy Changes Symmetric? 
Evidence from Unemployment Insurance Reform under Incomplete Information

02.02.2016 Giovanni Mastrobuoni (University of Essex):
  "Criminal Discount Factors and Deterrence"


*   along with the Colloquium on Economics at Trier University

** along with the Colloquium on Business Administration at Trier University




Colloquium on Economics - Summer Semester 2015


28.04.2015 David Schindler (LMU München):  
  "Unleashing Animal Spirits - Self-Control and Overpricing in Experimental Asset Markets"  
05.05.2015 Markus Kröll (Universität Frankfurt):  
  "Honesty and Markets with Asymmetric Information: Evidence from Milkmen in India"  
12.05.2015 Christoph Moser (KOF, ETH Zürich):  
  "Performance, Luck, and Institutions in a Competitive Labor Market"  
19.05.2015 Matthias Heinz (Universität zu Köln):  
  "Team incentives and performance: Evidence from a retail chain"  
02.06.2015 Klaus Wälde (Universität Mainz):  
  "Stress and Coping: An Economic Analysis"  
09.06.2015 Matthias Uhl (TU München):  
  "Empathy Gap or Sympathy Gap? An Experiment with Commitment Option" 
16.06.2015 Jens Mohrenweiser (Bournemouth University):  
  "The long-lasting effect of technological change on the careers of young workers: 
Evidence from changes of mandatory training regulations"
07.07.2015 Michael Koch (Universität Bayreuth):  
  "Offshoring and Firm Overlap"  
14.07.2015 Susanne Braun (TU München):  
  "Authentic Leadership, Certainty and Performance: Empirical Evidence from Organizational Change Contexts"




Colloquium on Economics - Winter Semester 2014/2015


 28.10.2014 Heiner Schumacher (Universität Aarhus):

"Signaling Cooperation"

25.11.2014 Marc Piopiunik (ifo Institut):
  "The Value of Smarter Teachers:  International Evidence on Teacher Cognitive Skills and Student Performance"
09.12.2014 Gerald Eisenkopf (Universität Konstanz):
  "Behavioral Foundations of Conflict Resolution"
13.01.2015 Johanna Mollerstrom (George Mason University):
  "Richer (and Holier) than Thou? The Effect of Relative Income Improvements on Demand for Redistribution"
27.01.2015 Tanja Rabl (Technische Universität Kaiserslautern):
  "The importance of organizations’ willingness to learn from age diversity for employee retention"
03.02.2015 Michael Vlassopoulos (Universität Southampton):
  "Are Public Sector Workers Different? Cross-European Evidence from Elderly Workers and Retirees"
10.02.2015 Florian Neumeier (Universität Marburg):*
  "Do Buisnessmen make Good Governors?"




Colloquium on Economics - Summer Semester 2014


29.04.2014 Thomas Zwick (Universität Würzburg):
  "Adverse Selection and Information Advantages of Training Firms"
06.05.2014 Marina Schröder (Universität zu Köln):
  "The Spillover Effects of Monitoring: A Field Experiment"
13.05.2014 Matthias Neuenkirch (Universität Trier):
  "The Impact of UN and US Economic Sanctions on GDP Growth"
20.05.2014 Matthias Greiff (Universität Gießen):
  "Social Value Orientation and Expectations"
27.05.2014 Andrey Launov (Universität Mainz):
  "Thumbscrews for Agencies or for Individuals? How to Reduce Unemployment"
03.06.2014 Daniel Wiesen (Universität zu Köln):
  "The effects of fee-for-service, capitation, and mixed payment systems for physicians: A systematic experimental analysis"
17.06.2014 Oliver Himmler (Max-Planck-Institut zur Erforschung von Gemeinschaftsgütern):
  "Tax Evasion Spillovers"
24.06.2014 Christoph Wunder (Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg):
  "Working hours mismatch and well-being: comparative evidence from Australian and German panel data"
01.07.2014 Nadja Dwenger (Max-Planck-Institut für Steuerrecht und Öffentliche Finanzen):
  "Crowding out of intrinsic motivation"
15.07.2014 Nikolai Stähler (Deutsche Bundesbank):
  "Towards a Fiscal Union? A Quantitative Assessment for Germany in EMU"
22.07.2014 Daniel Herbold (Universität Frankfurt):
  "A Repeated Principal-Agent Model with On-the-Job Search"




Colloquium on Economics - Winter Semester 2013/2014


15.10.2013 Jakob Schwab (Universität Mainz):
  "Throwing the Spanner in the Works: The Mixed Blessing of FDI"                                                           
22.10.2013 Arjan Non (Universität Maastricht):
  "Time preferences, study effort, and academic performance"                                                                       
05.11.2013 Anja Schöttner (Universität Konstanz):
  "Hidden Benefits of Reward: A Field Experiment on Motivation and Monetary Incentives"
12.11.2013 Kerstin Schneider (Universität Wuppertal):
  "Steuerliche Anreize und Investitionen: Empirische Evidenz für Deutschland"
19.11.2013 Johannes Martin (RWTH Aachen):
  "Action or Reaction? When Do Firms Invest in the Human Capital of Their Employees? Evidence on the Timing of Further Training of Firms"
26.11.2013 Hannah Schildberg-Hörisch (Universität Bonn):
  "Which factors determine the shape of economic preferences?"
03.12.2013 Christian Bruns (Universität Göttingen):
  "Newspapers, Paywalls and Elections"
10.12.2013 Boris Hirsch (Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg):
  "The cyclical behaviour of employers' monopsony power and workers' wages"
14.01.2014 Ulrich Zierahn (ZEW):
  "Field of Study, Qualification Mismatch, and Wages: Does sorting matter?"
28.01.2014 Tim Friehe (Universität Bonn):
  "Crime and Self-Control Revisited: Disentangling the Effect of Self-Control on Risk and Social Preferences"




Colloquium on Economics - Summer Semester 2013


06.03.2013 Jose Maria Millan Tapia (Universidad de Huelva):
  "Unravelling the relationship between the business cycle and the own-account worker's decision to hire employees"


Dorothea Alewell (Universität Hamburg):

"Grundlegende Perspektiven in der (ökonomischen und sozialwissenschaftlichen) Analyse des Arbeitsrechts"



Magnus Hoffmann (TU Berlin):

  "Distributional Preferences in Probabilistic and Share Contests"


Daniel Bernhofen (University of Nottingham):*

  "Estimating the Effects of the Container Revolution on World Trade


Alexander Sohn (Universität Göttingen):


"No longer top of the class: Professorial salaries in the 20th century"



Christoph Hanck (Universität Duisburg-Essen):


"Multiple Testing in Growth Econometrics"

19.06.2013 Matthias Krapf (Universität Wien):

"Parenthood and Productivity of Highly Skilled Labor: Evidence from the Groves of Academe"



Clemens Hetschko (FU Berlin):


"Unemployment and well-being - the scarring hypothesis revisited"



Christoph Bühren (Universität Kassel):


"Worker or Shirker – Who Evades More Taxes? A Real Effort Experiment"



Jörg Lingens (Universität Münster):


"Unions, intra-industry reallocations and aggregate industry productivity"



Thorsten Schank (Universität Mainz):


"Do foreign workers reduce trade barriers? Microeconomic evidence"




Colloquium on Economics - Winter Semester 2012/2013



Daniel Etzel (Universität Bayreuth):


"Union Wage Setting and International Trade"

30.10.2012 Patrick Kampkötter (Universität Köln):

"Differentiation and Performance ? An Empirical Investigation on the Incentive Effects of Bonus Plans" 

13.11.2012 Jörn Block (Universität Trier):
  "On the Benefits of Working in One's Own Family's Firm: Job Satisfaction and Wages of Family Employees"
20.11.2012 Agnes Bäker (Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen):
   "Academic Mobility, Time to Tenure and Reputation of Tenure Granting Institution"
27.11.2012 Steffen Künn (IZA):
   "Getting Back into the Labor Market: The Effects of Start-Up Subsidies for Unemployed Females"
04.12.2012 Dominique Demougin (EBS Universität für Wirtschaft und Recht):
   "Moral Hazard, Incomplete Contracts and the Role of Courts"
11.12.2012 Leonie Gerhards (Goethe-Universität Frankfurt):
  "Self-image vs. Social Image – The Incentive Effects of Symbolic Awards"
18.12.2012 Christiane Bradler (ZEW Mannheim):
   "Incentives and Creativity"
15.01.2013 Andreas Knabe (Otto-von-Guericke Universität Magdeburg):
   "Social Norms, Identity and the Well-Being Cost of Unemployment"
22.01.2013 Mark Bernard (Maastricht University):
29.01.2013 Dana Sisak (Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam):
   "Social Preferences or Collusion? Experimental Evidence"
05.02.2013 Christian Pfeifer (Universität Lüneburg):
  "Base Salaries, Bonus Payments, and Absenteeism among Managers in a German Company"




Colloquium on Economics - Summer Semester 2012



Florian Baumann (Universität Tübingen):


"Self-employment, education and employment protection"


Mario Mechtel (IAAEU):


"Identity and voting"


Laszlo Goerke (IAAEU):


"Trade union membership and sickness absence: Evidence from a sick pay reform"


Tim Friehe (Universität Konstanz):


"Optimal damages multipliers in oligopolistic markets"


Thomas Buser (Universität Amsterdam):


"Gender, competition and career choices"


Florian Hett (Universität Mainz, Universität Frankfurt am Main):


"Social networks, leadership and contests: Experimental data and field behavior"


Marco de Pinto (Universität Kassel):


"Unemployment benefits as redistribution scheme of trade gains – a normative analysis"


Vanessa Mertins (IAAEU):


"Gender differences in preference malleability"


Adrian Chadi (IAAEU):


"The role of survey methodology in the reporting of satisfaction"


Tobias König (Universität Hannover):


"Self esteem and task performance - Evidence from educational outcomes"


Wolfgang Hoffeld (IAAEU):


"Minimum wages & X-inefficiency"


Jörg Franke (TU Dortmund):


"The optimal bias in lottery and allpay auction contests"


Philipp Denter (Universität St. Gallen):


"Do polls create momentum in political competition?"