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The newsletter "Arbeitsrecht aktuell" (Labour Law News) was founded by the Department of Labour Law at the University of Regensburg and has been run by the IAAEU in Trier since May of 2011. The newsletter delivers a monthly review of new developments in legislation, case law and legal literature. Among the journals regularly reviewed are the Neue Zeitschrift für Arbeitsrecht (NZA), NZA-Rechtsprechungs-Report Arbeitsrecht (NZA-RR), Der Betrieb (DB), Betriebs-Berater (BB), Recht der Arbeit (RdA), Zeitschrift für Arbeitsrecht (ZfA), Neue juristische Wochenschrift (NJW), Arbeit und Recht (AuR) and Soziales Recht (SR).


Every new edition of the newsletter is announced in the IAAEU mailing list to keep our readers from a missing a beat. To join the mailing list, just type your email into the field below and click "subscribe". You will be able to unsubscribe at any time by using the link at the bottom of each email or by sending a request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..






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