Brownbag Seminar Wintersemester 2018/2019


Im November startet die Wintersemester-Runde des IAAEU-Brownbag-Seminars. Die Vorträge finden jeweils donnerstags von 12:15 – 13:15 Uhr im Max-Weber-Raum (Campus II, Gebäude H, 7. Stock) statt. Alle Vorträge finden öffentlich statt.





08.11.2018 Konstantin Homolka
  "Others’ Attractiveness, Task Performance and Gender"
06.12.2018 Alberto Palermo/Marco de Pinto
  "On the Role of Public Employment Agencies in Markets with Adverse Selection"
31.01.2019 Gabriel Schultze
07.02.2019 Sven Hartmann





Konstantin Homolka

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0651 – 201 4757







Brownbag Seminar Sommersemester 2018


21.06.2018 Konstantin Homolka
  "Team Size"
28.06.2018 Jonas Feld
  "EU Migration and Minimum Wage"
11.07.2018 Konstantin Homolka
  "Survey Response" (Beginn: 15.00)
12.07.2018 IAAEU Projekt-Workshop
  "Crowdsourcing als neue Form der Arbeitsorganisation" (Beginn: 9.00 s.t.)





Brownbag Seminar Wintersemester 2017/2018


09.11.2017 Daria Suprunenko
  "Investment in India"
30.11.2017 Luca Fumarco
  "Relative Age Effect on European Adolescents’ Social Network"
05.12.2017 Konstantin Homolka
  "Team Composition"
18.01.2018 Joanna Tyrowicz
  "Gender norms, attention discrimination, and hiring of women in the academia"
01.02.2018 Max Friese
  "The interplay between trade unions and the social security system in an aging economy"
08.02.2018 Sven Hartmann
  "Can Television reduce Xenophobia?"





Brownbag Seminar Sommersemester 2017



Adrian Chadi

  "Team Performance and Preferences for Income Equality"
11.05.2017 Adrian Chadi
  "Experimental Evidence on Team Performance"
Marco de Pinto
  "Efficiency Wage in an Oligopoly"
01.06.2017 Gabriel Schultze        
  "Trade Unions and Overtime"
06.07.2017 Adrian Chadi
   "A Field Experiment on Workplace Automation and Employee Behavior"
Arbeitsgruppenübergreifender Workshop (ca. 15:00-18:30)
Anna Donner
  "Die gesundheitliche Eignung als Zugangsvoraussetzung zum Beamtenverhältnis auf Lebenszeit? 
– Kritische Würdigung der derzeitigen Rechtslage"
18.07.2017 Lars Hornuf
  "Can Television Reduce Xenophobia? The Case of Eastern Germany"
18.07.2017 Thomas Klein und Dominik Leist
  "Leiharbeitnehmereinsatz im Arbeitskampf – § 11 V AÜG als angemessener Ausgleich?"

Adrian Chadi

  "Cheating and Team Performance"




Brownbag Seminar - Wintersemester 2016 / 2017



Adrian Chadi

  "(In) Fertility and Labor Supply"
15.12.2016 Konstantin Homolka
  "Team Size and Perfomance"


Marco de Pinto
  "Efficiency Wages in a Cournot-Oligopoly"


Adrian Chadi
  "Weather, Health and Labor Supply"
26.01.2017 Adrian Chadi
  "Income, Leisure and the Hidden Benefits of Unemployment"


Marco de Pinto
  "The Effects of Profit-Sharing in an Open Economy"
16.02.2017 Adrian Chadi
  "On the Implications of Workplace Automation"




Brownbag Seminar - Sommersemester 2016


Arbeitsgruppenübergreifender Workshop (ca. 8:00-12:30)
10.05.2016 Natalia Hebold
  "Gestaltungsmöglichkeiten des Betriebsrates bei der zeitlichen und örtlichen Entgrenzung 
der Arbeit durch moderne Informationstechnologien"
10.05.2016 Adrian Chadi
  "Smartphone ban at the workplace: economic and legal perspectives"
10.05.2016 Anna Donner
  "Die gesundheitliche Eignung als Zugangsvorraussetzung zum Beamtenverhältnis"
10.05.2016 Lars Hornuf
  "The Economic Impact of Forming a Societas Europaea"
02.06.2016 Adrian Chadi
  "Experimental Evidence on the Implications of Cheating for Team Performance"


Lars Hornuf
  "Do Judges Hate Speculators?"
23.06.2016 Gabriel Schultze

"Young, Gifted and Lazy? The Role of Ability and Labor Market Prospects in Student Effort Decisions"

07.07.2016 Olga Lorenz

"Does commuting matter to subjective well-being?"

14.07.2016 Adrian Chadi
  "Television and labor supply"
21.07.2016 Marco de Pinto
  "Trade Unions in an Open Economy - the Case of Firm-specific Bargaining Power"




Brownbag Seminar - Wintersemester 2015/2016


27.10.2015  Christoph Tasto
  "Einführung in die Verwendung von Mathematica"
05.11.2015 Adrian Chadi
  "How to Identify Attrition Bias Using Different Types of Panel Refreshments"
Marco de Pinto
  "Determinants of Students's Behavior - Theory"
19.11.2015 Gabriel Schultze
  "Determinants of Student's Behavior – Data"
26.11.2015 Laszlo Goerke
  "Tax Evasion in a Cournot Oligopoly with Endogenous Entry"
10.12.2015 Adrian Chadi

"The Survey as a Burden - The Effect of Interview Length on self-reported Life Satisfaction and Subsequent Panel Exit"

14.01.2016 Christian Haddad
   "Creditor rights, systemic risk and bank regulations"



Brownbag Seminar - Sommersemester 2015


12.03.2015  Mario Mechtel
  "Banning Smartphones from the Workplace: A Field Experiment on the Effects of Control and Trust"
07.05.2015 IAAEU Workshop
Adrian Chadi und Mario Mechtel
  "Forced to Be Generous: Experimental Evidence on the Behavioral Effects of Minimum Wages Outside the Laboratory"
18.06.2015 Marco de Pinto
  "Welfare-enhancing Trade Unions in an Oligopoly with Endogenous Entry"
02.07.2015 Adrian Chadi
  "Weather and Survey Response Behaviour"
Marco de Pinto
  "Collective Bargaining and Workforce Heterogeneity"
30.07.2015 Olga Lorenz
  "Is your commute really making you fat?: The causal effect of commuting distance on height-adjusted weight"
30.07.2015 Sabrina Jeworrek
  Diskussionsveranstaltung zum Thema: “How to Respond to a Revise and Resubmit?"




Brownbag Seminar - Wintersemester 2014/2015



Adrian Chadi

  "Does TV Consumption Impair People’s Health and their Well-being? Evidence from a Natural Experiment on the German Public"
Adrian Chadi
  "When the Honeymoon Comes at a Price: How Changing Jobs Influences Various Areas of Life"
03.02.2015 Olga Lorenz
  "Commuting and Sickness Absence"



Brownbag Seminar - Sommersemester 2014


08.05.2014  Adrian Chadi
  "Happiness as a determinant of political support"
22.05.2014 Mario Mechtel
  "Identity, delegation, and blame shifting"
28.05.2014 Vanessa Mertins
  "Adverse Effects of Monetary Incentives in the Public Sector"
26.06.2014 Philipp Denter
  "A Two-Stage Model of Electoral Competition"
10.07.2014 Adrian Chadi
  "Sickness Absence and Career Advancement"
17.07.2014 Mario Mechtel
  "The effects of labor market uncertainty on obesity"



Brownbag Seminar - Wintersemester 2013/2014


07.11.2013  Adrian Chadi
  "Job Changes and Job Satisfaction"
14.11.2013 Vanessa Mertins
  "Does Task Meaning Matter in Retrospect?"
21.11.2013 Adrian Chadi
  "On the Link between Self-Reported Happiness and the Motivation to Participate in a Survey"
12.12.2013 Daniel Arnold
  "Sickness absenteeism and presenteeism: Substitutes, complements or neither?"
16.01.2014 Marco de Pinto
  "Wage Setting Structure and Firm-Level Heterogeneity"
20.01.2014 Sabrina Jeworrek
  "Trade Union Membership and Paid Vacation in Germany"
30.01.2014 Vanessa Mertins
  “Self-regulation and optimal educational attainment decisions”




Brownbag Seminar - Sommersemester 2013



Daniel Arnold

  "Sickness Presenteeism: Empirical Evidence from European Survey Data"


Vanessa Mertins

   "Bonus Payments in Team Incentives"


Matthias Krapf

"Parenthood and Productivity of Highly Skilled Labor: Evidence from the Groves of Academe"

27.06.2013 Adrian Chadi
  "Concerns about the Euro and Happiness / Life Satisfaction Responses in the Panel"

Mario Mechtel

  "Endogenous Social Groups and Monetary Incentives"

Marco de Pinto


"On the Redistribution of Trade Gains"




Wintersemester 2012/13



Mario Mechtel


"Conspicuous Consumption and Communism"


Laszlo Goerke


"Income Comparisons and Labour Supply"


Daniel Arnold


"Determinants of Presenteeism in Europe"


Adrian Chadi


"Mobility within Firms and Union Membership"

06.12.2012 Mario Mechtel
  "Identity Economics"

Marco de Pinto

  "International Trade, Unions and Incomplete Information"

Mario Mechtel


"Do Individuals Trade-Off Social Identity and Material Payoffs?"


Daniel Arnold und Mario Mechtel


"The Effect of the Recent Economic Crisis on Workers' Sickness Absence"